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Bradley is a Social Media Marketing Expert, who has built multiple successful online businesses, including his Social Media Agency & Online Training Company.

After spending months in the trenches, Bradley developed strategies that helped his Social Media Agency excel, changing his life forever.

Bradley compiled all of this information into one training program and made it his life mission to help as many people as possible.

"I know what it is like to be in debt, hate my 9-5 job, working 6 days a week for minimum wage. You get one life, and that's not how you should live it. It all changed when I COMMITTED to Social Media Marketing. Within a few months I was living life on my own terms and earning a 6-figure salary along the way..."

The SMM Academy is the MOST actionable training program on the market with student success and happiness being the main priority.

What's included with the course?

  • Lifetime Access To All 7 Modules (50+ Video Lessons) | (£3997 Value)
  • Lifetime Support In A Private Facebook Mastermind Group | (£1350 Value)
  • Personal Phone Access & Mentorship - 24/7 Access To Me | (£1350 Value)
  • Access To My SECRET Formula For Landing Clients | (£6750 Value)

Total Value: £13,477 | Discounted Price: £497

"Hi Brad, Just wanted to send you a quick message about my results up until now with the course. I got the course not so long ago and watched a couple of modules and I noticed you gave away so much information and value. I was mind blown.

You break it down really easy and you give out small assignments at the end of each module which for me was great because you can immediately apply what you’ve learned.

As soon as I started applying your strategy to get clients I got a message from a company in the US wanting to hop on a call with me right away. 20 minutes later, I had landed a client. I couldn’t believe it! Normally I’m in and out of meetings for at least a week before I even get anywhere near a yes! Now I got one within 20 minutes!! Just wanted to say thank you for all the effort you put into the course and for sharing your ways of managing, automating and outsourcing your agency!"

- Joshua Daniel, Founder, Brandpeneur

"I was literally dead broke, when I say that I literally couldn't get a bus to school. I was in series of sh*t situation, after sh*t situation. I had 0 money to invest into paid ads for any kind of lead gen. But I knew that I've always been a natural born seller. However, because I had just failed so many times during that year I refused to pick up the phone or even go door to door - because I KNEW the people who were in my area just couldn't afford my services. I can't remember how I stumbled onto Brad's channel. But all I know, is that I was ONE day; from packing it all in and working at a warehouse ... (you can ask him) I believe the best term for this is ... I was up sh*t's creek without a paddle... but all I knew was that I couldn't take it anymore.

Now, for about a week there was literally NOTHING and it led me to fall back into the "this doesn't work" mentality. And as I shut my computer and was just about to go to school I heard my phone go off. This guy liked my proposal so much that he ended up asking me to jump on a call with him. Let's just say this guy was a multi, multi millionaire and had just written a book with his billionaire friend. Using my skills in sales I was able to close him with relative ease... And if I didn't SWALLOW my pride and drop my know it all act, and invest in my guy Brad I would of never been able to get the ball rolling. Brad is an awesome dude, and with his help and guidance I have zero doubt that you will all crush it."

- Navid Tharani, Founder, Light Speed Revenue

"I signed up 3 potential clients in 1 week, 2 definite and 1 more waiting to send proposal, also in talks with 2 more. I also just landed another client today for $800 per month. Overall now about $2200 a month but that's without the other potentials which I think I'll sign"

- Adam Davidson, Founder, AD Media Ltd.

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